Terms and Conditions for Hiring     

Pretty Post Box will supply to you, the customer, for hire, your chosen Post Box, as stated above.

Your Post Box will be presented in a cardboard box and you must return the Post box to us in the same box.

You will also be presented with a key for the Post Box and this must also be returned with the Post Box.

A £10 holding fee can secure your booking – either payable by cheque, bank transfer (details available on request) or postal order and this fee will be taken off your final balance – if you cancel before making your final payment then the £10 fee will not be refunded.

The final payment for the hire of your Post Box must be made prior to, or on the day of collection, along with a £50 deposit. The £50 deposit will be refunded to you in cash, when you return the Post Box to us in the same condition as when you hired it.

The horrible terms and conditions that no one likes to discuss but they have to be said (sorry)......

If you lose the key to the Post Box you will be charged £10.00 for a replacement key, which will be deducted from the £50 deposit.

PLEASE NOTE If you lose the key before you have removed your cards, then please do not try to force the lock – we hold a spare and can open it for you when you return the post box to us.

If you fail to return the Post Box within the arranged time limit (please contact us if you are having problems as we are always happy to help and normally an extra day will not be a problem) but if you keep the item for a longer period, you will be charged for a further 4 day hire and for a further 4 days and so on……. until you return the post box e.g.  – this will be deducted from your deposit.

If you never return the post Box you will lose your £50 deposit and will be liable for an extra charge of £180, which we will pursue, through small claims court.